Sculpture in the Gaol has a ten-year history. The exhibition programme begins in June with the Escapee Trail, with the main exhibition in the Gaol spanning the month of August each year.

The sculpture exhibition attracts artist entries from all over NSW and interstate, plus many local schools from around the Macleay Valley. Works are exhibited in and around the Gaol cells, which makes for a unique gallery experience.

Trial Bay Gaol receives thousands of visitors during the month-long exhibition, with some 1,800 people visiting during the opening weekend.

The exhibition unites the community around South West Rocks through its engagement with schools and in particular via the Escapee Trail, in which sculptures are hosted by local businesses.

Works are priced for sale, both during the exhibition and via a year-round online retail channel for participating artists.


Sculpture in the Gaol is a sub-committee of Macleay Valley Arts Council working in partnership with State and local government bodies, business chambers, schools and business sponsors.

The event is produced by Events Delivered and hosted by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service at the iconic Trial Bay Gaol.