artist and school applications

Applications have now closed for Sculpture in the Gaol 2019.

The main exhibition runs from Saturday 3 to Friday 30 August 2019 at Trial Bay Gaol, while the Escapee Trail, in which sculptures are situated in businesses across the Macleay Valley, begins in mid-July through to the end of August.



We do not stipulate a theme for works submitted to for Sculpture in the Gaol. We encourage and delight in discovering the expansive range of ideas conveyed by artists through their work.

Nevertheless, there are two perpetual themes to which artists, schools and community arts groups may respond.

1) “There are no walls around my imagination”
Works that respond to and reflect the prolific artistic output of German interns confined to Trial Bay Gaol during the First World War, exploring the ways in which creativity flourishes despite physical constraints.

2) “Living in harmony with a pristine environment”
Works that demonstrate our respect for the natural environment or acknowledge the complex and subtle ways eco-systems support all life, especially our own. Trial Bay Gaol is situated within a national parks reserve. How can we reduce dependence on plastic goods and unsustainable consumption to help preserve this natural environment?