terms and conditions of entry

sculpture in the gaol (variously “SITG” / “SITG committee” / “The Committee”)

Your application form and acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry are a contract between the artist and SITG and both parties agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


Trial Bay Gaol is a heritage-listed archaeological site, thus all entries must be free standing as no ground works will be undertaken. Works can be displayed in Gaol cells, on grass or concrete.

Strong winds are experienced inside the Gaol. As the site is exposed to rain, puddles do form on areas with concrete surfaces. While no sculptures will be located in areas known to collect water, works situated outdoors must be impervious to rain, strong winds and direct sunshine. While visitors are reminded not touch exhibits, consideration should also be given to public interaction on a large scale and inquisitive children.

Physical entry of works into the Gaol must pass through the main gate, which has a maximum height of 3.3m and is 2.9m wide. Please consider how the sculpture is to be transported from your vehicle to the site. The Goal carpark is only 100m from the furthest part of the Gaol precinct and surfaces are generally flat, although some terrain is undulating and Gaol cell doors are fairly narrow.

application Dates

Entries for the Gaol Exhibition and the Escapee Trial close on 30th June 2019.

Multiple entries will be accepted from an artist. Each artwork must be presented as a separate entry.

Entrants will be notified by Friday 5th July 2019, whether or not their work/s have been selected for the exhibition. The selection panel comprises of the SITG committee, who will view all images and curate the exhibition from all entries received.

Artist brief on the work/s

Please supply:

  • No more than ½ A4 description of each work.

  • Dimensions, materials used and type of construction.

  • Detailed photographs or drawings

  • Price (unless the work is not for sale – please indicate)

  • Description of all aspects of the work’s installation and demonstration of its ability to stand safely.

  • Address, telephone and email contact details.

Entries must be the original work of the entrant and may have been previous exhibited and/or entered in other competitions.

Work/s that are deemed to pose a risk to public safety will be rejected, and any glass used must be toughened.

The SITG management committee reserves the right to reject any submission without giving a reason and no correspondence will be entered into. Delivered work/s which are not representative of the concept drawings may also not be accepted.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Award / prize list

The list below is indicative and subject to change, pending sponsorship outcomes.

  • Sculpture in the Gaol - Judge’s Art Prize - $1,500

  • Sculpture in the Gaol - People’s Choice Award - $1,500

  • High School Sculpture - Judge’s Art Prize - $400

  • Primary School Sculpture - Judge’s Art Prize - $400

  • Environmental Awareness Award - $300

  • Emerging Artist / Débutant Prize - $300

  • Spirit of the Macleay Valley Award – NPWS accommodation at Plomer Beach house

  • Artist’s Travel Bursary (for an artist travelling inter-state to exhibit) 2 x $250

The decisions of the professional judge and the SITG committee are final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Prizes will be determined by a professional judge and by public vote, according to the award category.

Winners of the professional judging will be announced on Saturday 3rd August at the Gaol After Dark fundraiser and winners of all other prizes will be announced on Saturday 31st August at the Awards Ceremony at Seabreeze Beach Hotel in South West Rocks.

Sculpture in the Gaol encourages all school students in the Macleay area to enter, however we can only accept two entries per school and suggest that schools pre-judge the entries.


Exhibiting artists are invited to price their work/s for sale (including GST where applicable). Sculpture in the Gaol is a not-for-profit association dedicated to investing in artists through actively growing the marketplace for exhibitors and as such, levees a 15% commission on sales through all channels (physical exhibition and online) to help fund these activities.

All works listed for sale will be featured on the SITG website and all purchases will be managed via the online payment channel, with funds, net of commission, to be forwarded to artists once funds have cleared in the Macleay Valley Arts Council bank account.

If an artist is represented by a gallery it is the artists responsibility to disclose this information to the SITG committee to avoid any confusion over sales commission.

This event is non-acquisition (although we are actively seeking sponsors to enable such a mechanism to exist).

Display Sites

There is a wide range of sites available for positioning work/s, as detailed on the map below. The SITG committee will take requests for site specific works into consideration; however, the final decision of the exhibition layout will rest with the curator.

If your work requires electricity it must have a current safety tag from a qualified electrician.

Trial Bay Gaol_site_map.png

Delivery of work

Entries must be delivered to Trial Bay Gaol and installed between Saturday 27th July and Friday 2nd August, between 9am -3pm, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Artists are responsible for the installation and de-installation of their works or may appoint a specialized worker to install and/or de-install on their behalf. The curator will liaise with the exhibitor regarding times and installation details. National Parks and Wildlife Service staff will be appointed to supervise and assist artists with the set-up of their sculptures.

Collection of work/s

Work/s can be collected between Saturday 31st August and Monday 2nd September 2019 between 9am -3pm, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Any work/s left in the Gaol after that time will become the property of the SITG committee and will be offered for donation before being scrapped.

Insurance and Transport

All transport to and from the Gaol is the responsibility of the artist. All insurance is the responsibility of the artist. The organisers exercise all due care and diligence but will not accept liability for loss or damage to work/s.

All risk in the exhibition of sculptures remains with the artist at all times, irrespective of whether the work is being handled by an exhibition staff member. By checking the box to acknowledge you agree with the terms and conditions on the artist submission form every artist authorises the exhibition staff to move their sculpture or remove it from the site for any reason, including but not limited to public safety, damage or potential damage to the sculpture or for the cohesive curation of the exhibition.

Copyright / Likeness

The artist warrants that he/she is the legal owner and proprietor of the works and holds the exclusive copyright of the works. As the holder of the unencumbered title to the works, the artist warrants that he/she is lawfully permitted to exhibit, advertise for sale, sell and/or transfer the works at, during, and after SITG without the consent, approval or license of any other person, firm or authority.

The committee reserves the right to reproduce images of all entered works for the purpose of promotion of the work/s, the artist and SITG. Acknowledgements of authorship will be made where possible/appropriate.


Artists are invited to propose and host workshops during the exhibition period that will be advertised as part of the exhibition program. Proposals should be submitted at the time of application and discussed with the SITG committee representative. In general, our preference is for workshops to be offered for free to the public and held on weekends when visitation is highest. Where materials or other costs need to be covered to make the workshop viable, this can be discussed with the STIG committee on a case-by-case basis and appropriate ticketing established.

Gaol Entry during exhibition

National Parks and Wildlife Service will charge normal gate entry fee during the exhibition, except on special event dates including the Gaol After Dark fundraiser ($20 tickets) and the Family Gala Day ($5 adults, children free).


If the parties disagree about this agreement, whoever disagrees must:

  1. First tell the other party about the dispute in writing; and not start any litigation or arbitration in relation to the dispute until this clause ‘Disputes’ is followed.

  2. Once all parties have been told of the dispute, both parties must arrange for representatives to meet within 14 days and take all reasonable steps to try and solve it.

  3. If the dispute is not resolved under clause (b) the parties agree to submit the dispute to either a mediator or a mediation process to be agreed upon by all parties.

  4. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute within 14 days of commencing mediation or a later time that they agree to during the mediation, they may refer the matter to arbitration or commence litigation.

  5. The parties must always continue to perform their respective obligations under this agreement and will remain bound by the terms of the contract.

Submitting the online entry form to the SITG committee means that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the artist forfeiting any artist subsidy, award monies, or commissions owed to them by SITG and may result in the artist’s work being excluded or removed from the exhibition at their own expense.


At the time of writing, the above information is correct to the best of our knowledge. SITG reserves the right to make changes or amendments to deadlines, programming, awards and participation guidelines. While every care has been exercised in compiling and publishing the information contained in these pages SITG accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions or changes to the information.

SITG is a sub-committee of the Macleay Valley Arts Council (“MVAC”) and is a not for profit organisation. SITG, via MVAC, has agreements with and receives funding from various stakeholders including NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service; also local government through Kempsey Shire Council. SITG has contractual obligations to supply event data, imagery and footage from the event to these and various stakeholders.

Please refer to the SITG website for our privacy policy.


For further information please contact the SITG committee.